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View of Field


Welcome to the QUEL Imaging Blog! We’re starting this as a way to share our experiences supporting the field of in vivo fluorescence imaging. What topics will we cover? That’s a great question we’re working on, but initially we plan to provide tips on how to perform optical imaging system characterizations. We also plan to provide commentary on recent publications and events in the field.

We know developing a new imaging system or contrast agent is a long and difficult process and want to help make you more efficient. Why rely on developing ad hoc characterization techniques that are often difficult to reproduce? We would like to share best practices and highlight available tools and targets that could make you and your team more efficient.

Why is the blog called View of Field? Field of view is defined as “the range of the observable world visible at any given time”. This blog aims to mirror this (pun intended), to provide perspective from the field about how we can characterize different imaging systems.